[PODCAST] Ep 001 // How to master long range

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Link: https://anchor.fm/tierone/episodes/1--Rex-Tibor--How-to-master-long-range-shooting-eaua78

What's up everybody, today we dropped the first episode of the brand new Tier One podcast featuring the awesome Rex Tibor from Rex Reviews and RexDefense.com.

You can find us on Spotify and PocketCasts or just at the link above.

This episode is all about the science/art of long range shooting, and is packed full of insights from Rex's long career as a marksman.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Getting started shooting as a 4yr old in the badlands 
  • Developing a good feel for the rifle 
  • What's a good, solid baseline setup for long range shooting? 
  • Does practice help or hinder? Who makes a good shooter? The answer might surprise you... 
  • The Y chromosome factor - how this ruins your shooting! 
  • The slobber factor 
  • Breaking through the ice...
  • Technical analysis: you have never figured it out & how to advance the science. 
  • Bullet stability - heating of the barrel - cutting the chamber manually means every rifle is different - twist rate isn't everything - listening to the bullet from halfway down the range can tell you a lot about the character of a rifle
  • Learning from old artillery manuals - the incredible value of forgotten ballistic knowledge 
  • Rex's seminars in 2020 
  • Temperature effects on rifle setups/importance of written ballistic info
  • Rex's words to live by

You can find Rex on any of the following channels if you want to reach out to him:




Rex Reviews YouTube:







You can also see his early reviews of our bipods right here on this blog, just scroll back a couple months. 

Thanks for listening!


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